We are always excited about new members! 
We enjoy sharing our love of astronomy with each other.
 Everyone is welcome. 

We no longer charge dues--
the only cost will be your state park sticker 
which is needed to get into Wyalusing State Park.
Donations are appreciated.

Starsplitters activities 
are held at the Huser Astronomy Center in Wyalusing State Park 
and are listed on our club calendar.  

Contact us at

Starsplitters of Wyalusing
PO Box 544
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Benefits of membership include:
Use of the organization's equipment subject to orientation training, 
help learning the night sky and using a telescope,
the Starsplitter library, 
use of our site with plug-in for your scope, 
and an opportunity to share your love for astronomy with youth and park visitors.

Contact us or stop by Starsplitter Hill. We'd like to meet you!