2017 Calendar

A Wisconsin State Park Sticker is required for all activities at the Huser Astronomy Center.

Public Programs—We start with an hour presentation and, when the weather is good, we end with time outside enjoying the night sky, viewing the moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae through our telescopes. Everyone is welcome. Donations are appreciated.

Star Party--Come join us for a star party! Come and see what we are observing. Bring a chair or blanket and spend some time gazing at the night sky. Bring binoculars. Bring telescopes. Or just bring yourselves--and enjoy the night with us. Everyone is welcome. Donations are appreciated.

Lunatics—Each month George Wertwijn leads us in advanced astronomy discussions for science-minded adults. Held close to full moon, we fondly refer to these as our Lunatics meetings. Join us if you are interested.

Business and Work'nPlay--Every other month our little group gets together to discuss business and plan our programs. The other months we do work projects, do upkeep on our equipment, or ... have fun with the telescopes. If this interests you, come and join us!

Club Meetings--If getting together with people who love the night sky interests you, then come and join us! All are welcome. We will meet each month at 7:30 followed by night sky viewing if weather allows.

For more, visit our Facebook page: Starsplitters of Wyalusing

6 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
15 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting
15 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
22 Saturday 7:30 Club Meeting
22 Saturday 8:30 Star Party

3 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
12 Saturday 7:00 Work’nPlay
12 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
(Aug 21 Solar Eclipse—totality not visible at Wyalusing so we will leave this weekend free for those who want to travel)

7 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
16 Saturday 7:00  Business Meeting
16 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
23 Saturday 7:30 Club Meeting
23 Saturday 8:30 Star Party (Join us for a 1/2 Messier marathon--from dusk to about midnight if you'd like)

5 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
14 Saturday 7:00 Work’nPlay
14 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
21 Saturday 7:30 Club Meeting

2 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
18 Saturday 7:30 Club Meeting

9 Thursday 7:30 Business Meeting

Club Party (TBA)