2016 Calendar

A Wisconsin State Park Sticker is required for all activities at the Huser Astronomy Center.

Public Programs—We start with an hour presentation and, when the weather is good, we end with time outside enjoying the night sky, viewing the moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae through our telescopes. Everyone is welcome. Donations are appreciated.

Novice Astronomy—This year we are starting something new for you: monthly meetings for the beginning astronomer. We will help you find the constellations, teach how to use our telescopes, and a lot more. You can bring your own scope if you have one.1st program is May 19th at 7:30. We have a Facebook page now for this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/starsplittersofwyalusing

Lunatics—Each month George Wertwijn leads us in advanced astronomy discussions for science-minded adults. Held close to full moon, we fondly refer to these as our Lunatics meetings. Join us if you are interested.

19 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
21 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy
28 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting
28 Saturday 8:30 Public Program

4 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting (W&P)
4 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
16 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
25 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy

9 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting
9 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
14 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
30 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy

6 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting (W&P)
6 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
18 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics  Cancelled
27 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy

2 Friday, 8:30 Messier Marathon 
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10 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting
10 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
15 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
24 Saturday Novice Astronomy

1 Saturday 7:00 Business Meeting (W&P)
1 Saturday 8:30 Public Program
13 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
29 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy

10 Thursday 7:30 Business Meeting
17 Thursday 7:30 Lunatics
19 Saturday 7:30 Novice Astronomy

Club Party (TBA)

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