Club Meetings

    If getting together with people who love the night sky interests you, then come and join us! All are welcome! We will meet each month at 7:30 followed by night sky viewing if weather allows. The only cost is the Wisconsin State Parks sticker you will need to enter Wyalusing State Park--available at the park entrance.

    For more programs and activities, check our calendar.

    July 22
    Meteor Showers (Jean)
    No program
    September 23
    1/2 Messier Marathon 
    October 21
    November 18
    Schedule change: We will have our meeting on Thurs. Nov 16 at 7:30--putting our business meeting and our club meeting on the same night. Thanks!
    December TBA
    Solstice Party

    Meet and Greet


    • Club Calendar
    • Time for short announcements, discussing astronomy in the news or other items
    • If you have a something new, bring it and share it with us!
    Something about tonight's sky


    This is a time for us to discuss a topic or share something we know. If you have a suggestion for a topic, let us know. If you have something to share, let us know that, too!

    If the skies are clear after our meeting, we will go outside, pull out a few telescopes, and enjoy the night sky together. You can bring your own equipment if you have it--if you need to bring your car down to the building to set up, that is fine. Otherwise, please park in our parking lot and walk the short distance to the observatory.

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